1911 EMF Touring – SOLD

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All the brass in very nice condition, car starts, runs and drives the way it should, a starter has been installed, has older paint showing some marks. In Detroit in 1908, three men founded a company to build their own cars; Barney Everett, a man who had made a fortune building car bodies; William Metzger, a super-salesman for Cadillac; and Walter Flanders, who had been Ford production manager. Their name became simply E-M-F Company and the production car was introduced in 1909 and sold through established Studebaker dealerships, called the Model 30 matching the horsepower output. It would be considered a medium priced, mass produced vehicle that was a notch above the popular Ford leading the country in sales. Soon after, Everett and Metzger had left the company by 1909 in a huff to build the Everett, leaving Flanders to continue building the E-M-F Model 30, while he tried to build his own car, a Flanders 20. But, surprisingly, the E-M-F was the second best-selling automobile by 1911 right behind the Ford, and ahead of the Cadillac, Buick, Overland, and many others. The separation of its founders, but level of superior production, didn’t go unnoticed by Studebaker, who elected to buy the E-M-F franchise in 1910, and changed the name officially to their own in 1913.


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